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"Boss, we just found out that your ex-wife is really Q Vamptin city's famous and best surgeon .” "Impossible! Are you taking about Kianna Brown? I already banned her entrance from Q city, how could she become an international best surgeon. That's a lie!" Rio was unable to believe what his assistant told him.“All investigation shows she's the best but we got no information about her past life or how she came to achieve it."When Rio bumped into his ex-wife again, he tried to flirt with her but a cold aura came from her. "What do you think of your self Mr. Stewart, do I look like someone who can't get married married. ......Kianna and Rio Stewart got married under their parents' arrangement. However, Rio didn't like her. After marriage, she thought she could win his heart, but this man turned out to be a psychopath. When she got pregnant for him and told him about it, he acted coldly towards her and even drove her away from Q city even though she was heavily pregnant.***Years later, Rio's lover Sherry had a disease and many surgeon could not treat her. Fortunately for him he was recommended to one of the best surgeon known as Kia Brown who happened to be his ex-wife. She was no longer the same timid lady who he could control in the past. Her new status and lifestyle made him to fall for her, he tried to flirt with her but she played hard to get.“ Kianna, let's go back to the old time... I promise to love you this time on. My heart is shattered. Can you please come back to my life."With a smile she told him, "Sorry but I can't go back to my vomit.."He was stunned.

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  • Glamorous After Divorce: CEO's Ex-wife Is A Famous Surgeon 5The next day, the entire hospital broke into an uproar because of Kia's arrival. "I'm grateful for working in this hospital. It's such an honor to work with Dr. Kia Brown!""I heard that Dr. Kia is not only an exceptional doctor but a gorgeous woman as well. I can't wait to see her!"Sherry snorted with disdain as she listened to the discussion among the medical staff. Regardless of how beautiful the doctor was, she would fade in comparison to her. That was what Sherry thought. After all, she was one of the best socialites in Q vamptin city. A mediocre doctor was nothing to her. Besides, if Kia was young and beautiful, Sherry couldn't help but wonder if she got the job through illegal means. Sherry decided to keep an eye on the doctor in the future. Just then, an excited scream snapped Sherry out of her thoughts. She looked at the door and saw the woman everyone had been excited to see. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw who it was. It was Kianna Brown! She couldn't be wrong
  • Glamorous After Divorce: CEO's Ex-wife Is A Famous Surgeon 4Kianna returned home that afternoon. Rio and Sherry had left by then. The two children sat beside her and told her what happened earlier. Sage complained, "Mommy, that bad woman was unreasonable. Vidson didn't bite or harm her in any way, but she kicked Vidson and deliberately lied...""But the man who came with her was kind," Billie chimed in. "He apologized to us and called a vet to treat Vidson. Only that woman was annoying."The little girl sat cross-legged on the sofa and stroked the Pomeranian in her arms. "Fortunately, Vidson is fine."Kianna smiled and patted her children's heads. "Well, if anyone comes to see me again in the future, even for a medical consultation, don't let them in, okay? What if some bad guy pretends to be ill and takes you away from me?"The two kids exchanged glances and threw themselves into Kianna's arms. "By the way, Mommy, that man gave me his visiting card before leaving. He asked you to contact him."Sage took the business card from his pocket an
  • Glamorous After Divorce: CEO's Ex-wife Is A Famous Surgeon 3The assistant stood up and looked at Rio, his cheeks flaming with embarrassment. The little boy was stubborn. Rio cleared his throat and asked, "Are you two Dr. Brown's relatives?""Why are you looking for our mommy?" Billie Brown asked, cocking her head. Rio and his assistant looked at each other in embarrassment. They came to see Dr. Brown but didn't expect to offend the members of her family before meeting her. "My fiancee is ill. We need Dr. Brown's help," replied Rio. Sage scowled at them. "You better leave now. My mommy won't treat her!""Sage..." The little girl pouted unhappily. She shook her brother's arm and said, "Mommy always says it's a doctor's duty to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. We can't hold a grudge against someone regardless of how bad they are."Rio's heart melted as he looked at her lovely face. If only his and Sherry's child was alive, it would have been the same age as these two kids. His hatred for Kianna deepened every time he thought about it.
  • Glamorous After Divorce: CEO's Ex-wife Is A Famous Surgeon 2Sherry was sitting in the back seat of the car five years later, and she leaned on Rio's shoulder as they drove down a highway in the Q Vamptin city . She spoke softly to Rio, asking, "Rio, are you sure that the doctor you mentioned can really cure my illness?" "Does she have the skills necessary to perform the operation on me?"Sherry suffered from a cardiac condition. Rio had devoted a great deal of time and energy toward curing her illness over the course of several years. A well-known physician from another country, Dr. Kia Brown, has recently been hired by the General Hospital in the city of Q vamptin. It was common knowledge that the doctor was quite experienced despite her tender years. She was highly skilled in operating surgical instruments. People looked up to her as if she were a divine being because of her work in the medical profession. She was able to conduct even the most difficult surgery with ease and boasted a success rate of one hundred percent in all of her cases
  • Glamorous After Divorce: CEO's Ex-wife Is A Famous Surgeon 1It was raining cats and dogs in Q vamptin city. Even the dark sky felt like it was going to crash on the city.There was a woman covered in blood collapsed in the living hall of the Brown family's manor.After the tragedy unfolded, everyone left leaving her alone. The dying woman was hanging onto her last breath on the floor.The harsh word of a man's scream echoed in this same manor.“Kianna, who do you think you are? Our family doesn't condone your outrageous behavior! If it wasn't for your silliness, your aunty wouldn't have been in this situation. Yet, despite this she wouldn't allow me to throw you out of this house! I, Joshua Brown, have only two children Selena and Derek and you are no longer my own!" Joshua yelled at his daughter who could only stare at him like he was speaking another language different from the one she understood."Father I can explain...I.." “Shut your mouth Kianna, there's no excuse this time on. I have had to put up with this your silly behavior all thi

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