Prosecutors say Ana Walshe's remains were shredded and incinerated (2023)

Prosecutors believe Ana Walshe's body was unknowingly shredded and incinerated by trash services after her husband Brian tossed them in a dumpster on January 2.

Walshe, 47, is accused of murdering Ana in the basement of their home in Cohasset, Massachusetts, on January 1 in the early hours of the morning, then discarding her body in a dumpster.

He uttered just two words his 14-minute court appearance, saying ‘I do’ when asked by Judge Mark Coven if he understood the charges against him.

While police have found bloody rugs, Ana's clothes, her COVID-19 vaccine card, a hatchet, hacksaw and bloody knife, they have not recovered any of her remains.

In court today,Norfolk County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland said: 'Police tried to track down what happened to the bags the defendant was seen throwing in the dumpster earlier at Abingdon. These bags in this dumpster were already picked up and taken to a location for shredding and to beincinerated.

'By the time police located that, they were already destroyed.'

A spokesman for the District Attorney's office confirmed to that they believe those bags contained Ana's remains.

'That is what she was implicating to the court... that is what the evidence suggests,' they said.

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Brian Walshe pleaded not guilty to beating his wife Ana to death this morning as prosecutors laid out a mountain of evidence against him

Ana Walshe has not been seen since 1.30am on January 1. Police say Brian, her husband, murdered her. Her body has not been found


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(Video) Hatchet and Hacksaw Reportedly Found in Search of Missing Ana Walshe

It also emerged in court that Brian allegedly used his son's iPad to research 'how long before a body starts to smell' at 4.58am on January 1st - just three-and-a-half hours after Ana was last seen alive by their New Year's Eve party guest.

Prosecutors implied in court that she was murdered by her husband sometime between then.

Among the other searches, conducted on an iPad belonging to one of his young sons, were '10 ways to dismember a body', 'does baking soda make a body smell good?' and 'how long is someone missing before you can inherit?'

On December 27, five days before Ana vanished, he Googled: 'Best state for divorce for a man.'

'Rather than divorce, Brian Walshe dismembered Ana Walshe and discarded her body,'Beland said on Wednesday, as she asked the judge to deny him bail - a request that was immediately granted.

Rather than divorce, Brian Walshe dismembered Ana Walshe and discarded her body

Norfolk County Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland

Beland revealed that Ana's DNA, along with Brian's, was found on blood-stained clothes found in a dumpster near her mother's house along with the Hunter boots and Prada handbag he said she was wearing when she vanished.

He shook his head during the brief hearing and was denied bail. Brian will return to court on February 9th for a status hearing.

Walshe told police he last saw Ana at 6am on January 1st, claiming she left for work.

Today, it was revealed that in the hours before that, he'd been frantically researching how to dispose of a body, and how long decomposition takes.

Police say Walshe used one of his young son's iPads to search gruesome terms like 'how long before a body starts to smell?' Ana Walshe is shown with the boys

(Video) Ana Walshe's husband Brian held without bail on murder charge

Ana and Brian are shown on their wedding day in 2015. They met while she was working in a hotel

Ana and Brian at the start of their romance, left, when he showered her with designer bags and cars. She is shown, right, more recently. Ana had grown to become independent, working in Washington DC away from her family

On December 27th, days before she vanished, he Googled: 'What's the best state to divorce for a man?'

Ana was last seen alive at 1.30am on January 1st by friends who had been in their home for a New Year's Eve party.

Shortly before 5am on January 1st, using his son's iPad, he searched;

  • 4:55AM - How long before a body starts to smell?
  • 4:58AM - How to keep a body from decomposing?
  • 5:20AM - How to bound (bind) a body?
  • 5:47AM - 10 ways to dispose of a body if you really need to
  • 6:25AM - How long for someone to be missing to inherit?
  • 6:34AM - Can you throw away body parts?
  • 9:29AM - What does formaldehyde do?
  • 9:34AM - How long does DNA last?
  • 9:59AM - Can identification be made on partial remains?
  • 11:34AM - Dismemberment and the best way to dispose of a body
  • 11:44AM - How to clean blood from a wooden floor?
  • 11:56AM - Luminal to detect blood
  • 1:08PM - What happens when you put body parts in ammonia?
  • 1:21PM - Is it better to throw crime scene clothes away or wash them?

January 2nd

After purchasing rugs from a Home Goods store while wearing rubber gloves and a face mask, he returned to the iPad for more research.

He also spent $450 on cleaning supplies from a Home Depot includingmops, buckets, tarps, drop cloths and various kinds of tape.

This time, prosecutors say he searched;

  • 12:45PM - Hacksaw best tool to dismember
  • 1:10PM - Can you be charged with murder without a body?
  • 1:14PM - Can you identify a body with broken teeth?

January 3rd

Police say he visited a dumpster in Abingdon, where he was seen carrying a heavy-looking garbage bag.

'He had to heft it into the dumpster,' according to police.

Prosecutors tried to track down those trash bags, but by the time they got to them they had been destroyed in an incinerator at a trash transfer center.

Walshe did more research, allegedly searching;

  • 1:02PM - What happens to hair on a dead body?
  • 1:13PM - What is the rate of decomposition of a body found in a plastic bag compared to on a surface in the woods
  • 1:20PM - Can baking soda make a body smell good?

January 4th

Walshe bought bath mats, men's clothing and towels at TJ Maxx and Home Goods. He then visited Loewes.

That same day, a colleague of Ana's in Washington DC called police in Cohasset to report her missing and request a welfare check at her home.

Police visited the family house, where they noticed the seats in Brian's Volvo were down, and a large, plastic liner was in the backseat.

(Video) Ana Walshe’s Husband Arrested as Shocking Evidence Surfaces: Everything We Know

January 5th

Police returned to the Walshe family home, where they noticed Brian's Volvo had been freshly cleaned.

When questioned, he said he'd thrown out the plastic liner they saw the previous day.

That same day, he visited the dumpster near his mother's home.

January 8th

Walshe is arrested for misleading police. A search warrant for the house is obtained, and police discover blood stains in the basement. They also found a knife with traces of blood on it.

Police then searched the dumpster near his mother's home and found 10 trash bag that were stained with blood. Inside, they discovered;

  • Slippers with both Ana and Brian's DNA on it
  • Rags, tape, a medical suit with Brian and Ana's DNA on it
  • Ana's Hunter boots
  • Ana's Prada handbag
  • Ana's COVID-19 vaccine card, with her name on it
  • A hacksaw
  • Hatchet
  • Cutting shears

Walshe, 47, arrived at Quincy District Court early in a black SUV.He entered through a side door, wearing a gray top, khaki pants and black sneakers.

Brian Walshe leaves court today after being charged with the murder of his wife Ana

Walshe, 47, arrived at Quincy District Court early in a black SUV. He entered through a side door, wearing a gray top, khaki pants and black sneakers

The 47-year-old had chains around his waist and was handcuffed as he was led into court

Ana Walshe and her husband Brian in happier times. Friends say she barely mentioned him when talking about her family

(Video) Hear chilling list of internet searches Walshe made on son’s iPad

A close friend of Ana’s told of her heartbreak. Boston realtor and entrepreneur Pamela Bardhi, 31, said: ‘Since day one, when I saw she was missing, my heart sank.

'Every time I asked myself, where is Ana, what is going on Ana, I had this horrible pit in my stomach and I just had this awful feeing that something horrible happened to her.’

Ana, who married troubled Walshe in 2015 in Boston, moved to DC to work as a regional manager for upscale realtor Tishman Speyer.

She sold a home in Cohasset for $1.38million around the same time and bought a place in the capital for similar money.

The missing mom switched to real estate in 2020 after starting in the hotels business when she moved to the United States from home city Belgrade in 2005.

‘She was always pretty much the breadwinner of the family,’ said Bardhi. ‘She was always very successful, is a very successful woman. Her brilliance far exceeded everything. She would say, you can do this, you can do that… she was as sharp as a tack.’

The friend said Ana gushed about her sons, but kept Walshe’s name away from conversations.

‘I didn’t know Brian and Ana didn’t talk about him,’ she said. ‘ She always talked about her boys. She’d say “Oh my boys, oh my goodness they’re wonderful”.

‘I remember asking her, Ana how do you do it? Three young boys at that time under five, how do you balance all the things you do?

Ana, 39, had been enjoying her life as a busy working mother, splitting her time between Cohasset, Massachusetts, and Washington DC, where she worked for a real estate firm

‘She said, there’s always a way to do it. You always find ways. And I remember being so inspired by that.

‘She was a supermom. Everything was dedicated to her boys. They were her “why”.’

The friend has been fighting with others to prevent the boys being split up into foster care.

They were in the home at the time of their mother’s disappearance and are currently being looked after by Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

‘My fears are for them to be separated,’ said Bardhi. ‘Imagine what they’ve seen, heard, experienced in the last few weeks. And just the thought of three boys under six potentially being separated and away from family, friends is horrifying.

According to friends, she and Brian had been fighting over her grueling work schedule.

She regularly posted about her colleagues on social media, where mentions of her husband were few and far between.

She'd been working for Tishman Speyer for two years, and spending much of her time away from her family.

Long before his wife went missing, he was arrested on suspicion of stealing and trying to sell two fake Andy Warhol paintings.

Family friends described him as a 'sociopath' who turned on his ailing, elderly father in a desperate grab for his wealth.

After the murder charge was announced against her husband last night, friends started paying tribute to the vivacious mother-of-three.

(Video) Prosecutor reveals evidence against Brian Walshe

AbdullaAlmutairi, her colleague and best friend, said: 'You’ll always be my best friend and family.

'Rest easy, Heaven is a lot brighter; be the sunshine and the moonlight that you always are.'


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